The TicketSearch North America team is proud to announce Daniel Sammy has been promoted to Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). As the CRO, Daniel oversees sales, daily operations, and continues to develop TicketSearch as the next generation in box office ticketing and event management.

“Daniel has been an asset to the company, facilitating brand growth and customer engagement through a challenging post-pandemic market. The team is pleased to see his career continue to grow with this promotion,” said Michael Smith, CEO of TicketSearch North America.

Since the North American launch of TicketSearch, Daniel has become a key contributor to company growth and direction. Beginning as a Business Development Associate, he applied his experience in sales and marketing to create brand recognition for TicketSearch in the North American market. Helping grow the company, Daniel undertook the responsibilities of Accounts Manager, expanding his role to support client growth and performance.

With the success of TicketSearch in the US and Canadian markets, Daniel targeted the rest of the western hemisphere, creating recognition for TicketSearch in both Mexico and South America. Mr. Sammy tripled the company’s client-base using the system’s unique capabilities to service organizations outside the initial scope of box office management. This offered varied services to organizations that required registrations, workshops, and fundraising functions.

“Regardless of an organization’s needs or size, TicketSearch will provide the service and support our clients have come to expect, for any organization looking to grow and thrive in 2023 and beyond,” said Daniel Sammy, CRO of TicketSearch North America.

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